Cordyceps: One of the Best Immune System Boosters

Immune System Health With Immune System Boosters

Keeping Your Immune System Strong With Immune System Boosters

Where do the many of the problems that impact our health derive from? This can be somewhat of a tricky question to answer because there are many different factors that can harm our health. But is there one such factor that is known for causing a great many different problems to a degree greater than others? Yes, it would be problems with the immune system. When the immune system starts to falter, all manner of serious maladies can impact the body.

Here is the worst problem of all: because the average lifestyle of the modern person is so hectic, it can be extremely difficult to reverse those things that are clearly ravaging the human body. Among the greatest factors that contribute to serious problems with the immune system, stress stands head and shoulders above all the rest. Sadly, stress can be so significant that even the most powerful immune system boosters can have difficulty altering the impact on the body. Work, family, and financial issues can all bring about a weakness of the immune system. This is not a problem that should be overlooked. A weak immune system yields a damaging ripple effect that can be cataclysmic.

The Immune System Breaks Down

Immune system boosters are seriously helpful because they keep the immune system strong. Why do you want to keep the immune system strong? On the most basic level, a properly functioning immune system will aid in fighting off colds, viruses, and flu bugs. If a person does suffer from such a common sickness, it may be possible to make a full recovery in a quicker amount of time than possible. Immune system boosters can certainly enhance the potential to make this possible.

In a graver manner, a weak immune system can lead to infections, serious life threatening diseases, and a breakdown of the central nervous system. Then, there are also mental health concerns that arise when you have a weak immune system. Depression, anxiety, and severe fatigue can all result from an improperly functioning immune system. Needless to say, the quality of one’s life will not maintain high standards with such problems, which is why seeking immune system boosters is so highly recommended. More accurately, you will need an effective immune system booster.

Cordyceps Supplements – Best Among All Immune System Boosters

Without a doubt, among the best of the best immune system boosters would be Cordyceps. Cordyceps is certainly not a new herbal supplement. It has been used in the Far East and in China for many centuries to help improve the body’s function in many ways. Why is this so? Basically, these extracts come from mushrooms and fungus and once they are extracted that can be refined into an effective supplement. It becomes highly effective because it will attack the pathogens that are known to undermine the immune systems.

Additionally, it will strengthen the kidney, heart, and lungs while also greatly reducing the potential to keep the growth of tumors down. The immune system is a vast system of interconnected parts of the body. A quality Cordyceps supplement can most definitely aid in improving the function of the body in many ways. We are confident that this will be the common and expected outcome because we have clinical tests that have long since shown this particular supplement will yield proper results.

Clinical Studies

In 1999, The Japanese Journal of Pharmacology chronicled a clinical study into how Cordyceps provides the basis for effective –immune system boosters. It was shown that in laboratory tests, cell function was greatly improved in test animals. Since the cells are the building blocks for all facets of human function, it is safe to say that this supplement can certainly boost the overall physiological operation of the body.

A 1999 article in The Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine covers experiments that deal directly with the impact of Cordyceps on the autoimmune system. Specifically, the autoimmune system experienced improvements in a noticeable manner.

Immune System - Natural Killer Cell

An animal study conducted by Deparment of Pharmacology, National University of Singapore on immunomodulation, has show that the extract of Nu-V™ Cordyceps sinensis mycelium has, at selective doses in mice, significantly enhancing effect on the cytotoxic activity of mice macrophages in vitro. Nu-V™ Cordyceps sinensis mycelium is able, on its own, to increase the proliferation of T- and B- lymphocytes (also referred as Natural Killer Cells) of the immune system of experimental mice in vitro and also enhances the proliferation effect of mitogens at a high concentration.

Consider these examples to be top reasons why it is so wise to take supplements of Cordyceps when concerns about the immune system are at issue.

Nu V™ Cordyceps

You cannot just select any immune system booster. You will want a supplement that has long since been established as a top supplement that delivers impactful results. Due to its brilliant refining process, Nu V™ Cordyceps can be considered one of the very best extracts on the market. Those seeking effective and reliable immune system booster are well advised to explore what it has to offer.

Cordyceps-derived treatment has two important effects on cells that could impact the growth of malignant tumors...
- Dr. Cornelia de Moor (University of Nottingham)
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