Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cordyceps?

  • Cordyceps is a genus of the family Claviceptaceae and class Ascomycetes.
  • It is the parasitic fungus, which does not have a form of its own. It merely takes on the shape of its host insect, or any other solid-state medium.
  • The genus Cordyceps contains hundreds of species of which some have been named, such as Cordyceps sinensis (Berk) Sacc, Cordyceps militaris, Cordyceps sobolifera, etc.

Are all species of Cordyceps included in TCM Pharmacopoeia?

  • In official TCM Pharmacopoeia, only Cordyceps sinensis (Berk) Sacc and Cordyceps sobolifera are authorised as Cordyceps herb medicine.

What are the active compounds found in Cordyceps Sinensis?

  • The main compounds that have been identified in Cordyceps sinensis mycelium are:
    • Adenosine (J.Vet. Pharm. & Therap. 2003;26(5):327);
    • Cordycepin, namely 3′-deoxyadenosine (Oncology. (Williston Park). 2000; 14(6 Suppl 2): 31-35. Review);
    • D-mannitol (USP);
    • Polysaccharides (Biol Pharm Bull. 1993; 16(12): 1291-1293);
    • Ergosterol derivatives (Phytochemistry. 1999; 51(7): 891-898).

Does it matter the kind of Cordyceps species or hosts?

  • Cordyceps militaris is found in North America, Asia and Europe while Cordyceps sinensis is only found in the Himalayas.
  • According to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration’s manual of “Listed medicines in Australia”, Cordyceps sinensis is the only species recognised as GRAS (generally recognised as safe) in this genus.
  • As regards to the host, to date, only the bat moths, i.e., Hepialus armoricanus Oberthur and Cicada flammata Dist have been approved by TCM pharmacopoeia as host worms safe for human consumption among the Cordyceps caterpillar fungi.

Why is artificial Cordyceps Sinensis cultivation important?

  • Harvesting Cordyceps sinensis from nature is often unreliable as environmental factors play a big part. Already there is a drop in the levels of naturally occurring Cordyceps sinensis in Tibet and Yunnan. So artificial cultivation becomes a necessity.

Why use liquid submerged cultivation process and not solid cultivation techniques?

  • Submerged fermentation process is a modern technology designed to control the elements and provide all the necessary nutrients in the right amounts so that the target component is easily purified. The submerged cultivation is a method widely used in all kinds of bioprocess in the production of cellular mass of microorganism, and even human stem cell and biopharmaceuticals.
  • Solid cultivation method uses solid substrates eg, cereals or grains and the Cordyceps mycelium is harvested together with the solid substrate. It is thus possible that a major part of the Cordyceps product by weight is that of the cereal or grain and consequently, we may be literally consuming a large proportion of these instead of the Cordyceps mycelium.

Can Cordyceps Sinensis Prevent Cancer?

  • According to studies, the compounds in Cordyceps sinensis most likely to have anti-tumor activity are the nucleotide analogues and the sterols;
    • Nucleotide analogue, cordycepin (3′-deoxyadenosine), has the ability to confuse the DNA synthetic enzyme (terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase or TdT) into thinking it is a normal precursor of DNA;
    • It was discovered to have anti-leukaemic properties in studies conducted at Boston University. Although more nucleotide analogues have been discovered, these findings are currently at the research stage;
    • Four steroidal glycosides and sterols have been identified from cultured Cordyceps sinensis mycelia to have anti-timor cells activity (Phytochemistry. 1999; 51: 891). These sterols do not get destroyed by human digestive enzymes and are suitable for oral administration.

Why Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis?

  • Via patented cultivation method and high standardized nutritive feed, ensure higher content of bioactive compounds and free from contamination;
  • 100% Produced and Manufactured in Singapore;
  • Fingerprinting technology and Pharmacology research to ensure excellence quality (standardized high concentration of bioactive compounds) and benefits of the product;
  • It is the only Cordyceps sinensis product in the market to have every batch tested by independent labs for the presence of four active compounds, namely cordycepin, cordycepic acid, polysaccharides and adenosine;
  • Available at affordable price;
  • Conveniently available for purchase online.

How to achieve best results with Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis?

  • Drink lots of water. Water is an important element to aid absorption of nutrients;
  • Practice a healthy regime. Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis is a Chinese Proprietary Medicine product which may be taken to complement your lifestyle and personal needs. You should still maintain a healthy diet, exercise and ensure sufficient intake of water, to achieve optimum health;
  • Proper Storage. Store Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis away from heat and direct light. Do not store in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, or in other damp places. Too much heat or moisture may affect the product quality;

Will Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis cause heatiness?

  • Cordyceps Sinensis is known for its fortifying “yin” and “yang” properties. Generally, will not cause heatiness;
  • However, herbs have varying effect on individuals due to our different diets and lifestyle. Should you feel heaty after consuming Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis, drink more water or cut down your dosage;

What is the recommended dosage?

  • Adults (18 years old and above) : 2 capsules daily;
  • Pregnant women should consult doctor before taking the product;
  • No known side effect.

Where is Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides produced in?

  • Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides is 100% made in Singapore from culture of Cordyceps ophioglossoides material to packaging of finshed capsule product.

Who is suitable to take Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides?

  • Generally suitable for women of all ages;
  • Suitable for women recovering from illness or have weak composition;
  • Suitable for women in the workplace who have busy & stressful lifestyle;
  • Especially good for women in menstrual and menopausal.

Is Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides suitable for anyone o medication?

  • We do recommend you to seek the opinions from your GP when you are on medication.

What is the recommended dosage for Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides?

  • Adults (18 years old & above): 2 capsules daily.

What is the best time to consume Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides?

  • Feel free to consume Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides anytime & anywhere. However, if you have sensitive stomach, we suggest you to consume Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides with meals or after meals.

Can I take Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides with my other health supplements?

  • Please seek professional advice. E.g., from doctors, physicians or pharmacists.

Is it suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women to consume Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides?

  • Because the body system of pregnant or breast feeding women would be probably sensitive and complex, we do recommend the needed women to seek consultation from the doctor.

How to achieve best results with Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides?

  • Drink water. Water is an important element to aid absorption of nutrients;
  • Practice a healthy regime. Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides can help achieve optimum health together with eating wisely, frequent exercise and sufficient intake of water;
  • Proper storage. Store Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides away from heat and direct sunlight. Do not store in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, or in other damp places. Too much heat or moisture may affect the product quality.

Is Nu V™ Cordyceps ophioglossoides capsules suitable for Vegetarian?

  • Yes.

Cordyceps-derived treatment has two important effects on cells that could impact the growth of malignant tumors...
- Dr. Cornelia de Moor (University of Nottingham)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to achieve best results with Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis?
  • Will this supplement cause heatiness?
  • What is the recommended dosage?
  • What are the active compounds found in this supplement?
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