Nu V™ Cordyceps Capsules – High In Bioactive Compounds

Nu V™ Cordyceps Capsules

What Is It That Makes Nu V™ Cordyceps Capsules Supplement So Effective?

It would seem that the development of this herbal product into capsule form has definitely played a role in making it popular. Additionally, the capsule supplement form may have also allowed it to be a more effective supplement as well.

Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis comes in an easy to take capsule form. The Cordyceps capsules are in a blister package which ensures freshness and safety. The cordyceps capsules are produced using a special fingerprinting technology and are based on extensive pharmacology research that has allowed these capsules to be of the highest quality. This special fingerprinting technology is what ensures the quality of each capsule.

The process involves identifying the exact cordyceps strains to ensure that only the highest quality product is used. Cordyceps quality can vary due to various factors in the growing process, so having such a high tech process of identifying and isolating the correct strain is one of the main reasons why Nu V™ Cordyceps is such a valuable and high quality product. Each capsule contains a high concentration of compounds without any contamination from heavy metals or bacteria. This delivers a clean product that will be the most effective dose of cordyceps possible.

Table 1

Cordycepin, a unique compound in wild Cordyceps sinensis, has not been found in any other species. Thus, Cordycepin is a bio-marker for Nu V™ Cordyceps capsules. Cordycepin is a bio-active compound with anti-tumor and anti-pathogenic abilities. It functions as a nucleoside analog of normal building bloc of DNA, 3′-deoxyadenosine having the ability to confuse the DNA synthetic enzyme – Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT). Cordycepin has broad applicability for both cancer and infectious disease.

Table 2

Adenosine is not a fingerprint compound in Cordyceps sinensis. Directly linked to the energy metabolism of cells through ATP, ADP and AMP, Adenosine is contained in any kind of the live cells in animals, plants and microorganisms.

However, Adenosine is an active compound in Nu V™ Cordyceps capsules to contribute many health benefits. In other words, though Adenosine is not a bio-marker, it is an important component in Cordyceps sinensis.

As illustrated in the above Table 1 and 2, analytic results of Cordycepin and Adenosine suggest that Nu V™ Cordyceps capsules are the closest one to the large Tibet-Qinghai Cordyceps catepillar (top grade) among the different Cordyceps in bio-marker comparisons.
Each Nu V™ Cordyceps capsule contains:

Cordyceps sinensis mycelium (fermented): 500mg
Protein: > 27.0%
Polysaccharides: >25.0%
Cordycepic acid: >7.00%
Cordycepin: >0.15%
Adenosine: >0.20%

Nu V™ Cordyceps has many great uses for people who are looking to get healthier and to generally just ward off such serious problems, as cancer, in the future. Cordyceps has been shown to have some major positive effects on the body. It can give the immune system a boost, which translates to a person being healthier and being able to fight off illness and disease easier.

Cordyceps also has shown to be effective at boosting the health of specific organs in the body. It can help to improve how the kidneys, liver and respiratory systems function. Beyond all of that, cordyceps also lowers bad cholesterol, which in turn is good for the heart and cardiovascular system, and it can act as an anti-aging product, which is something that can benefit pretty much everyone who wants to fight off the signs of getting older.

The Best Grade of Cordyceps Capsules Supplement

To get the most out of a Cordyceps supplement, you will need to acquire the best of best in terms of quality. Unfortunately, some sources of Cordyceps Sinensis can prove to be extremely expensive. Some may even cost upwards of US$1500 per 100grams which is nearly equivalent to the cost of the same amount of gold! Such extracts will be derived from sources found in the Himalayan highlands of China – Qinghai and Tibet.

Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis capsules are the perfect source for high quality Cordyceps sinensis. The price is certainly much lower and the impact on one’s health will be significant.

Cordyceps Comparison

Cordyceps-derived treatment has two important effects on cells that could impact the growth of malignant tumors...
- Dr. Cornelia de Moor (University of Nottingham)
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