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Cancer Herbs - Cordyceps

Cancer Herbs – Preventive Maintenance

Cancer remains a serious health concern of many men and women. That is why it is always wise to explore screening options to detect the presence of the disease during its early stages. Some might assume the odds of contracting cancer are rare. This may not entirely be true. Overall, it has been determined that 40% of both men and women born in early 21st century will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. Such statistics have been determined by the National Cancer Institute.

Are there steps that can be taken to reverse the potential to develop cancer? It would be remiss for one to say steps exist that can completely prevent cancer. Cancer can be highly unpredictable. Case in point, even people that have never smoked in their lives have developed lung cancer. (The legendary comedian Andy Kaufman)

So it would be inaccurate to say anything can 100% prevent the onset of cancer. However, there are certain steps that can be taken to reduce the potential for developing cancer. Avoiding smoking, for example, would dramatically reduce the odds and most people know this. Then there are diet and nutritional supplement components that may prove helpful as well. Raising awareness of the availability of these supplements could prove helpful to many.

The World of Cancer Prevention

Many were surprised to discover that there are herbs that can help fight cancer. Little was mentioned about these cancer herbs until recently. These herbs fight cancer through effectively boosting the immune system. When the immune system is stronger, you will discover the body is in a much better position to fight cancer cells.

Additionally, free radicals are known to negatively impact the body and set the stage for the onset of cancerous cells. Quality impactful herbs can deliver the much needed antioxidants required to kill off or nullify the free radicals that cause cancer.

One among the cancer herbs that is known to help those seeking to prevent the onset of the disease would be Cordyceps. Such an herb may be considered a new concept to people but it is an organic compound that has been around since the earth originally cooled. Now, it is available in supplement form and that certainly is a positive development.

The Root of Cancer Herbs

Immune System Destroying Cancer Cell

Within Cordyceps, there is a compound known as Cordycepin and it cannot be found in any other organic herb. (Nor is it found in any synthetic herbs for that matter) The great value of this particular component is the fact that it maintains anti-tumor and anti-pathogenic properties.

That means it has the potential to combat the building blocks that can cause serious diseases. Such ingredients also have the potential to act as a building block for deoxyadenosine (DNA 2), which further adds to the potential to reverse the onset of a disease. Needless to say, such ingredients provide the much needed component required for the cancer herbs to deliver their positive impact.

This will raise some concerns over which cancer herbs in supplement form is best to purchase? For those seeking a high quality herbal supplement, Nu V™ Cordyceps could prove to be the best selection. Why is this so? There are quite a few reasons…

Herbal Supplements

Those who take regular supplements of Nu V™ Cordyceps on a daily basis can feel confident that they will experience the highly positive results. These results may include a complete and total increase in the positive vital functions of the body. In other words, your internal organs and your body system will operate in a manner that is the antithesis of unhealthy or disease prone functioning.

Specifically, you will experience the much needed improvement of the immune system required for effective and proper anti-disease functioning. As previously mentioned, a properly functioning immune system can ward off all manner of diseases. This can potentially include preventing cancerous cells, tumors, and growths from getting a foothold in the human body. Such benefits have other effects on the body as well. Namely, improvement in the immune system can help increase kidney and respiratory function and prevent disease onset in these areas as well. So, consider the high potential for preventive “maintenance” a top reason for taking the Nu V™ Cordyceps supplement.

Ultimately, people want to preserve and improve the quality of their life. There are many ways this can be achieved and taking the proper herbal supplements can do so. For those that truly do want to boost the quality of their life, taking cancer herbs might be the proper steps to take.

Cordyceps-derived treatment has two important effects on cells that could impact the growth of malignant tumors...
- Dr. Cornelia de Moor (University of Nottingham)
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