Cordyceps Could Be the New Cancer Alternative Medicine

Cordyceps as a cancer alternative medicine

Cordyceps As A Cancer Alternative Medicine

At the University of Nottingham researchers have discovered a wild mushroom called Cordyceps may be the best treatment for cancer that has ever been found. This rare mushroom is a common ingredient in Chinese medicine, but it has never been widely used in the west. With this discovery, researchers have opened up the door to solving one of the greatest medical struggles we currently face and introduce a viable option in a cancer alternative medicine.

Cordyceps can help to stop the growth of cancer cells in the body. This fungus can also keep cancer cells from dividing and moving throughout the body. In high doses it can actually kill off cancer cells, preventing them from being able to function within the body. Cordyceps does this through impacting the cell protein development. This causes the stop to the production of mRNA molecules that create cancer cells.

Cancer Alternative Medicine Research and Studies

The research by the University of Nottingham is not the only research that has been done into Cordyceps as a cancer alternative medicine. There have been clinical trials done that have shown promising results.
An in-depth analysis on the history and effects of Cordyceps was done by Matt Cleaver & John Holliday and the results was published into a review.

In the review Holliday and Cleaver look into the fact that getting the fungi is proving to be more difficult since it has a limited geographical growing location which is constantly being threatened due to environmental issues. They have looked into what it takes to cultivate it in a controlled environment so that there could be a supply large enough to use in a cancer alternative medicine.

Some of the studies cited in the review include a study done in elderly patients who suffered from chronic fatigue. Patients in the study that took Cordyceps showed significant results with less fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms. There have not been many clinical trials on Cordyceps, but those that have been done have been quite demonstrative of the power of Cordyceps to help people with a range of different medical conditions.

One focus area of the review is how Cordyceps affects cancer. Since it has already been shown that using Cordyceps alone is a difficult task to treat cancer most of the research has been done to see how Cordyceps can assist with traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. It has been show that Cordyceps can increase a patient’s tolerance for such treatments and enhance the results.

In studies in China and Japan results have shown that Cordyceps used with other cancer treatments is a very effective method of treating the disease. In one study, lung cancer patients who were already getting chemotherapy were given a dose of Cordyceps sinensis along with their chemotherapy. These patients saw a 46% reduction in tumor size. In another study, patients with various types of cancer showed positive results to the combination therapy. Studies have shown that when patients get Cordyceps sinensis along with other cancer treatments there are very positive results, such as higher white blood cell counts, higher tolerance levels for treatment and reduced tumor size.

In short, Cordyceps helped to increase the immune system of patients. Immune system suppression is a major side effect of conventional cancer treatments. This shows why Cordyceps is a perfect option as an alternative cancer medicine.

Top Quality Cordyceps Sinensis is Scarce and Expensive – Not Anymore

Researches and studies keep pointing to the fact that Cordyceps is something we could use as an alternative cancer medicine. These papers and reports indicate that Cordyceps have antitumor, antimetastasis, anticancer, antioxidant and immune-enhancing effects. However, due to its scarcity, coupled with the increase in demand worldwide, the price of Cordyceps has seen driven up to as much as $35,000 per pound – the main reason that keeps this medicine from the general public.

Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis is a product that uses fingerprint technology to produce a high quality product. It is currently the only product that in the market to have every batch tested by independent laboratories, to ensure the presence of 4 active components, namely cordycepin, cordycepic acid, polysaccharides, and adenosine.

The patented technology not only assures best quality and the efficacy, the cost is also significantly reduced. Hence, Nu V™ Cordyceps is a rare product that is both top quality and offered at an affordable price.

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Cordyceps-derived treatment has two important effects on cells that could impact the growth of malignant tumors...
- Dr. Cornelia de Moor (University of Nottingham)
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