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A Concise Company History

AP Nutripharm Company Profile

AP Nutripharm Pte Ltd (APN), is a Singapore-based fermentation and biotech company that was established in November 2002. The company was founded by Dr. Mark Xu, along with venture capitalists, through acquiring PBS Corporation’s Food Biotechnology Centre in Singapore. The assets included laboratory facilities, a bio-reactor plant and information on Cordyceps sinensis submerged cultivation technology. Acquisition provides APN with a significant competitive advantage in the therapeutic products and biological healthcare fields.

AP Nutripharm Corporate Profile - NU V Cordyceps Sinensis

Corporate Profile of AP Nutripharm – Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis

During the early 1990s the Western health care industry experienced a revolutionary movement. The concepts of alternative medicines, health supplements and functional foods began to really grow and started challenging conventional Western medicine practices and beliefs. Although the old saying of “Prevention is better than cure” is well-accepted now, there was a lot of resistance to this idea at that time. The saying however is very well-rooted within TCM.

While Dr. Mark Xu was studying in Australia for his masters and PhD degrees, he inevitably became involved in this emerging development. For instance, part of the work he did for his PhD was on bioactive protein purification, i.e. antibodies or immunoglobulin that were used commonly in conventional medicine.

However, his interests were more focused on health supplements and functional foods. After he returned to Asia, it made sense for him to further look into TCM, especially food products that have medicinal properties like ginseng, red yeast, lingzhi and cordyceps. He is now fully focused in developing this area of health care.

Our Mission

We are fully committed to continuously developing scientifically-proven products of cosmeceuticals, animal nutritional, lifestyle medicines and medicinal fungi, through a biotechnology process and research-driven approach, to assist our customers with fulfilling their wishes of a happy, energized and healthy life.

AP Nutripharm Business Activities

Our business activities include creating, manufacturing and distributing bulk medical fungal ingredients, including Lingzhi, Cordyceps sinensis, Chinese proprietary medicine (CPN), nutraceuticals, health supplements, health foods, animal nutritional additives and pharmaceutical ingredients. APN is the region’s only Cordyceps sinensis material manufacturer.

Technology Platform

Cell Cultivation Processes

  • Microbial cultivation processes for producing small compound metabolites and cellular mass.
  • PAnimal or plant cell cultivation for producing small compound metabolities and cellular mass.

Application Technology

  • Human clinical trials.
  • Application in healing and skin whitening.
  • Application in animal farming.

Other Technology

  • Bio-separation of nutraceutical or pharmaceutical compounds through membrane technology and chromatography.


  • APN registered and owns several Worldwide patents to safeguard it inventions and intellectual property rights.

Laboratory And Plant

Laboratory And Plant

APN biotech facilitates include a computer-controlled bioreactor plant along with analytical and microbiological laboratories. They are housed in Singapore Science Park 1.

Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis Cultivation Process

Research & Development (R&D)

APN is a research driven business and fully committed to making continuous efforts to develop new products and technology. The company is currently undertaking the following research programs:

i) Development of healing and skin lightening ingredients from Ganoderma and Cordyceps cells.

ii) The purification of single drug compounds including Ophiocordin and 3’-deoxyadenosine from the Cordyceps species.

iii) Using a Cordyceps feeding system to develop healthier beef.

iv) Human clinical trials on improving the liver and blood lipid profiles with CS-X100 Cordyceps sinensis.

Although more studies are needed, the initial data from patient blood testing has shown CS-X100 Cordyceps sinensis may improve the total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) ratio, decrease SGOT/AST and SGPT/ALT and significantly reduce triglycerides.

Cordyceps-derived treatment has two important effects on cells that could impact the growth of malignant tumors...
- Dr. Cornelia de Moor (University of Nottingham)
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